Real Estate Investment in Ibiza

Real Estate investment remains the means most reliable and profitable to constitute an inheritance. That is to transmit it to his/her children or to secure an additional source of income in preparation for the retirement, the real investment is a judicious choice on the means and long term. The output of the real estate is higher than the output of the majority of the financial products. It is a market which presents a more stable evolution.

Beyond the real estate in general, the rental investment is of the interest to be almost financed. To acquire a good in self-financing was during a long time an easy way of the professionals of the real estate. Nowadays, these mechanisms of investment are accessible to all. Your re-entries of rents are used to cover the monthly payments of your credit, partly or entirely. Today still, the economic factors remain favorable and you can invest with a minimum initial contribution and benefit from historically low interest rate. The prospect for a future rise of the interest rates will not change gives it and will leave this field of profitable investment over the duration.

Ibiza presents many assets

Mediterranean climate; 2900 hours annual of sunning; healthy food diet; beauty of the beaches, the splits and the countryside; weather always favourable with the physical activity. Ibiza is an accessible island, dedicated to tourism. Ibiza is one of the best destinations of the Mediterranean and the figures of the season of summer 2006 confirm it: "The Balearic Islands record this year a record of 12 million tourists and are again at the head Spanish tourism..." according to the "Govern Balear". The Balearic Islands are become again the leaders of Spanish tourism of holidays in front of the Canary Islands.

Why such a success? One thinks immediately of the quality of life and the natural beauty of the island, but it should not be forgotten that in Ibiza, there is certain an art of living: a spirit of freedom, a sensitivity for the fashion, decoration, gastronomy, music and of course a taste marked for the fiesta. In short, much of things in connection with the pleasure and the celebration of the life.

A potential of significant development

The fact that the Balearic Islands are converted into a destination of holidays for all the year and either only for the summer makes it possible to suppose that the prices of the real estate will continue to increase in the next years. The effort is related more and more to the quality of tourism and the public image. Ibiza does not escape the current tendencies and starts to diversify with the agrotourism, the spas, and tourism of charm.

Tourism, as well as the positive evolution of the economy, attracted a great number of international citizens, who made of the Balearic Islands a cosmopolitan space allowing a cultural enrichment and the coexistence of different life styles. Considerable factor, the fiscal burden in all Spain is lower than the average of the European Union. The population of the Balearic Islands is young, with consequence of a sustained high growth and favorable prospects for future (the inhabitants of the Balearic Islands are on average 38,7 years old). Attracted by a relatively reasonable cost of living, cheap flights, a lenient weather and the Spanish life style, the investors regard more and more Spain and in particular Ibiza as one of best the valid options in Europe. According to certain estimates, more than one million and half from abroad will invest in Spain in the five next years.

The real estate market in continuous Ibiza to develop with a strong intensity as testify to it the important raising of prices these last years and construction to new urbanizations, new buildings and new infrastructures of equipment lorry drivers. The price of the houses increased by 220% in the five last years and for certain sectors of Ibiza, the prices have more than triplet! With or without "landing of the real market", to invest in Ibiza is a not very risky bet! The prices will not drop: only the raising of prices will decrease and be stabilized. This regulation will make it possible to avoid overvaluations of the goods observed for the periods of real "fever" and to have a healthier market.

Ibiza is an astonishing island which renews itself constantly: it preserves its charms of last and absorbs the current tendencies of the European evolution. Many people who came to Ibiza for a few days have lived there now for more than 30 years because they fell in love with island A will precede Vista. For those which bought a property at that time, the business spectacularly became profitable. But for those which choose to become owners now, their investment will be supported by the economic dynamism of the archipelago and a political good-will to make of Ibiza and of the Balearic Islands a label of famous international.